A former band member for Beyoncé filed a restraining order against her and accused Beyoncé of “extreme witchcraft and dark magic.”

In her request to the court, Kimberly Thompson claimed that Beyoncé cast “magic spells of sexual molestation.” Beyoncé supposedly used her dark magic to listen to Kimberly’s phone calls and secretly took control of Kimberly’s bank accounts. And she murdered Kimberley’s kitten.

The judge denied the restraining order. With her incredible “dark magic” powers, Beyoncé must have placed a spell on that judge, too. (The Blast)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Black Girl Magic exists. Just not in the way Kimberly Thompson imagines.
  • Kimberly Thompson drummed seven years for Beyoncé.
  • So is Beyoncé a queen or a witch?
  • For once, she’s not been accused of being the Illuminati.
  • There’s only one way to test of Bey is a witch: Does she float?