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President Trump is going to have to look through his desk for his veto pen. The Senate has passed a bill that would kill his National Emergency declaration to fund the border wall.

The bill had already passed the House with ease, and today (Thursday), the Senate voted 59-to-41 to end the declaration. 12 Republicans voted with Democrats — most citing precedent, not opposition to the wall. Mitt Romney of Utah says, “This is a vote for the constitution and for the balance of powers that is at its core.”

Although 59 votes in the Republican-controlled upper chamber is substantial, it’s not enough to override the veto Trump has promised — which will be the first of his presidency. (NBC News)

Fasho Thoughts

  • This seems like a pointless exercise when you know the veto is coming.
  • Knowing Trump is going to veto it gave cover to moderates who wanted to make a point about precedent. If it were closer, a few of them would have fallen in line.
  • Next up is the court system.
  • The courts are unlikely to do Congress’s job here. The law may stink, but it’s constitutional. It’s not judges’ job to write better legislation.
Don Juan Fasho

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