The Ohio senate passes a new concealed carry bill that will make it easier to carry a gun without a license. Via Fox19 Senate Bill 215 passed by a 23-8 vote. (Summary) SB215 was introduced by Sen. Terry Johnson (R-Batavia) and 13 co-sponsors in August. The bill makes concealed carry licenses optional—thereby removing background checks and […]

GOP Senator Rob Portman announced that he will not be running for office again at the end of his term.  Senator Portman's current term will end in 2022 and is sure to cause a heated battle to fill his position.

What will the Senate do about the gun laws on Ohio? Via: (WKRC) An Ohio Senate committee will hear from Democrats and a Republican who are sponsoring legislation that includes expanding background checks for most firearm purchases and a “red flag” law designed to keep guns from people seen as a threat to themselves or […]

President Trump is going to have to look through his desk for his veto pen. The Senate has passed a bill that would kill his National Emergency declaration to fund the border wall. The bill had already passed the House with ease, and today (Thursday), the Senate voted 59-to-41 to end the declaration. 12 Republicans voted […]

In spite of some race-related controversies, Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith won Mississippi’s special Senate election Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Mike Espy, according to a projection by NBC News. Hyde-Smith had 55.2 percent, or 362,567 votes, while Espy had 44.8 percent, or 296,254 votes, with 78 percent of the votes reported. With Hyde-Smith’s victory, Republicans will have a 53-47 […]

The blue wave that Democrats were hoping for didn’t quite develop, but nor did a red tide Republicans thought might occur. Instead, both parties had big wins and huge losses in Tuesday night’s midterm elections. For the Democrats, the good news was taking back control of the House, by picking up seats not only in […]

The FBI’s report from its investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is now in the hands of the Senate. The report will shed more light on the sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh as well as his conduct when he was a young man in high school and college. The FBI first turned the report over […]

WASHINGTON — Vice President Pence cast a tie-breaking Senate vote Thursday to advance legislation that would allow states to withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other health care providers that perform abortions. The Senate, after a procedural vote, will now proceed to a measure that would dismiss an Obama-era rule banning states from denying […]


GOP congressional leaders are looking to repeal an initiative that was created to prevent mentally ill individuals from purchasing guns.


President Barack Obama says the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.


African American federal workers will feel the brunt of Donald Trump's proposed federal workforce reform.

Despite the possibility of the law being rejected nationally in court, the Ohio Right to Live is supporting another bill that involves abortion.   COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio senators voted Tuesday for a bill that could effectively outlaw abortions. The Heartbeat Bill bans the procedure once a heartbeat can be detected – usually about six […]