A Mississippi May is offering drug dealers 10,000 to leave the city.

The hope is that the money will persuade those who commit crimes to move away and start new lives.

“We are talking directly to three groups of people. Drug dealers, gang members, and any wannabe criminals in the city of Clarksdale,” he said.

“They may be in the wrong environment,” Espy told reporters at Clarksdale City Hall. “So, what I’m saying as the mayor today, I will put money on the line to assist those type of people to move out of the city.

“It’s not to say you just want one criminal to move from one city to the next,” Espy added. “They might just not have the good opportunities they need in this city.

“But make no mistake about it, we are asking those three groups of people; if you are just simply a criminal, if you are a gang member or a drug dealer, move out of this city now.”

This would be crazy if they accept the offer.

Fasho Thoughts: 

  • Espy said the city needs to be a safer place as summer is approaching and there will be more children playing in the streets.
  • Do You think this will work?



Don Juan Fasho

Source: CS / CS

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