Wendy Williams son, Kevin Jr., pleaded not guilty to alleged assault charges against his own father. (LoveBScott)

via People:

Kevin Jr.’s attorney Ray Hamlin tells PEOPLE he is looking “forward to resolving this case favorably and believe that the case will be resolved in that manner so that my client can enter into his Sophomore year of college with no distractions.”

He also told TMZ that Hunter has no desire to bring charges against his son.

In addition, Kevin Jr. may qualify for a state-wide conditional dismissal program to clear his name, TMZ reported. However, he must remain out of trouble, the outlet reported.

The prosecutor Joseph Wenzel has also asked for more time to review the case. He will also consider Kevin Sr. not wanting to press charges.

“It does factor into my determination,” Wenzel told Page Six. “But at the end of the day I have to make the call about what’s in the best interest of justice.”

Kevin Jr. will appear in court again on July 9.

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