Cincinnati: Woman Arrested For Alleged Assault At The Banks

A Cincinnati woman was arrested for a violent assault. The incident happened at Wendy’s in Glenway Plaza in Westwood. Police say two women went through the drive-thru line and received their order but “were upset how Wendy’s employee handed them their food,” a Cincinnati police spokeswoman said.(Fox19)    

Justin Bieber is suing two social media users for defamation of character who accused him of sexual assault earlier this week.     via TMZ: Bieber is suing 2 Jane Does — who go by Danielle and Kadi on social media — for defamation over what he calls “malicious” claims he sexually assaulted them in 2014 and 2015, respectively. According […]

  Wendy Williams son, Kevin Jr., pleaded not guilty to alleged assault charges against his own father. (LoveBScott) via People: Kevin Jr.’s attorney Ray Hamlin tells PEOPLE he is looking “forward to resolving this case favorably and believe that the case will be resolved in that manner so that my client can enter into his Sophomore […]

The woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago has revealed her identity and said that the incident happened at a party when they were both in high school. She claims Kavanaugh held her down on a bed, groped her and put his hand over her mouth to […]

Too Short has come up with a legal defense against the woman accusing him of rape — but we’re not sure it will hold water. Short Dawg’s strategy includes using explicit text messages sent by the victim to prove she “sexually pursued him,” they were dating and there was no rape at the time. In the […]

A judge today (Monday) refused to dismiss Bill Cosby‘s sex assault case. The disgraced comedian appeared in a suburban Philadelphia courtroom, where, according to the New York Daily News, his new legal team “argued that travel and phone records prove his alleged assault of Andrea Constand could not have occurred between December 30th, 2003 and January 20th, 2004, as she has claimed.” The […] A New York City school principal is is facing assault charges after he allegedly beat a seven-year-old student in what he claimed was a form of corporal punishment. NBC reports that Machael Spencer-Edwards, principal at P.S. 202 Ernest S. Jenkyns School in East New York, was arrested Tuesday on charges of assault and acting in a manner […]

The incident occurred following the alleged stealing of a cell phone, which sparked a "verbal altercation" leading up to the event.

Witnesses also claim Barnes threw punches at a man and woman who tried to intervene.

Video revealed it was actually a teacher – not a fellow student – who pulled out Demarco's hair.

Wayne, who suffered an eruption of seizures while flying on June 13, could face a misdemeanor battery charge.