A Teenager has passed away in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan after the ride came apart in mid-air. Let us pray for the families affected by this!

via Complex:

The ride had a metal pendulum arm with a counterweight balance that was attached to a massive open-air platform. Dozens of people crashed to the ground when the ride broke. Authorities said one teenage female rider was killed after being flung into the air from the 360-degree swing. They didn’t elaborate on the other riders’ injuries.

The victim was identified as a teenage girl with the initials MH. No further details have emerged.

Similar to the ride at the Uzbekistan amusement park, an “aggressive thrill” ride at July 2017’s Ohio State Fair fell apart while it was in motion. The malfunction left seven injured and killed 17-year-old Tyler Jarrell. In August 2017, investigators found that corrosion to be the cause.

That’s terrifying. It’s actually one of our biggest amusement park fears.


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