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Meghan McCain has been spurned by many fans and guests, but when she tried challenging the flow of the show, that’s where Whoopi drew the line.

On Tuesday (Oct. 28), the ladies of the daytime talk show The View were discussing the topic of national security when things seemed to take a heated turn. During the discussion, the women began talking over each other, so Whoopi, who was moderator, decided to call a timeout in order for everyone to be heard.

“We’re starting to do that thing,” Goldberg said, making a gesture with her fingers interlinked signifying bumping heads.

It was at that point that Meghan McCain thought her white privilege would shine through until Whoopi adjusted herself in her seat and decided to school her on how to have a civilized conversation.

“I don’t know what that means, ‘this thing,’” Meghan McCain said.

“It means you’re talking over each other,” Whoopi said, leading McCain to reply, “Well, it’s ‘The View.’”

“You know what,” Goldberg continued, “Let me tell you something about ‘The View.’”

As viewers began to clutch their pearls, Meghan continued to try to talk over her legendary colleague before Whoopi decided she had enough and cut to commercial.

“This show has always had the ability to have different points of view,” Whoopi said, “Which we respect around the table, and when we talk to each other, we also exhibit respect.”

When McCain continued to interrupt, Goldberg announced, “We’ll be back.”

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say about the exchange, calling out McCain for disrespecting Whoopi and celebrating the check heard around the world.

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