Shaquille O'Neal Opens SHAQUILLE'S at LA Live

Source: Leroy Hamilton for SHAQUILLE’S /AEG / L.A. LIVE – Capra Photography / Leroy Hamilton for SHAQUILLE’S /AEG / L.A. LIVE – Capra Photography

Much has been said about Kobe and Shaq’s relationship throughout the years, the good times and let’s say the more “questionable” times. The one thing that no one can deny is the fact that their names and legacies will be tied together forever because of what they’ve accomplished as teammates. Although the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter shocked the world and caught a lot of us off guard, it also helped some of us put things into perspective and Shaq was no exception.

After the innocent was announced Shaquille O’Neal publicly expressed how he felt about it, but then took things up a notch and decided to do something that was unexpected. In Miami on the Big Game weekend Shaq hosted an event called “Shaq’s Fun House Carnival”, one of the weekend’s most anticipated parties. It’s a star studded event that brings in people from all over the country with performances by people from Diddy to rapper Dababy. This year though big Shaq decided to make it a charity in wake of Kobe and his daughter’s death. He announced that all proceeds will be donated to the families of the victims of the helicopter crash and to Kobe and Vanessa’s Foundation. Click here for the full story…




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