Throughout the history of the NFL some of it’s greatest athletes of African-American decent have been produced at HBCUs. Athletes like Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Steve McNair, Doug Williams and the list just goes on and on. Well, in the last 20 years with so many young African-American high school athletes being sold on getting […]

With concerts and festivals around the country being cancelled or rescheduled because of fear of the Coronavirus spreading, some Americans are taking matters into their own hands. According to sources people are making homemade sanitizer and Everclear vodka is one of the main ingredients. Everclear, which is 190-proof, has been widely used to make strong […]

This generation’s most anticipated Heavyweight fight ended in Wilder’s corner throwing in the towel in the 7th round. Tyson Fury who was at 273 pounds, about 16 pounds heavier than he was the last fight out boxed Deontay Wilder to get the victory. The 34 year old Wilder came into the fight 42-0-1 (41 KOs), […]

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union’s child Zaya has been in the news a lot lately with so many people expressing their opinion about parenting. Mega superstar Cardi B is another person that can be added to the list of celebrities voicing how they feel about this news. Cardi B took to instagram live and voice […]

If it’s one thing that Nelly is not, it’s a push over, quite simply Nelly is really not the type of guy to let someone push him around. However, like everybody else Nelly still enjoys hanging out with friends and family or just doing some of the things that he enjoys in peace. Recently, Nelly […]

  Gayle King is known for being a high calibre journalist and is also known for being closely associated with Oprah Winfrey. Recently, in an interview with WNBA megastar Lisa Leslie, Gayle King decided to revisit allegations about Kobe Bryant’s past. Although it was unwarranted in the interview, Lisa Leslie quickly responded to Gayle bringing […]

In an interview on the red carpet during the Big Game weekend Joe Burrow was asked lots of questions. One question was about who wants to play for, and his reply was, “I’ll play for who ever wants to have me, it’s an honor to be in that discussion.” Then he was asked, “even Cincinnati?” […]

Some believe that there has been a narrative that suggests African American leaders can’t thrive in Cincinnati, but others are fighting to change this. Last year the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber introduced The We Are Making Black History campaign. This campaign honors African Americans in different segments of the community, whom you may or may […]

The smoke has settled a little bit as it relates to Jay Z and his Roc Nation deal with the National Football League. However, Jay Z still insists that he and Colin Kaepernick are fighting the same fight just with different approaches. Jay Z re-defended his decision to collaborate with the NFL, and in an […]

Much has been said about Kobe and Shaq’s relationship throughout the years, the good times and let’s say the more “questionable” times. The one thing that no one can deny is the fact that their names and legacies will be tied together forever because of what they’ve accomplished as teammates. Although the death of Kobe […]

We are just a few days into the new year and everyone seems to be starting their New Year’s resolutions, and setting the goals they plan to accomplish 3, 6 and 12 months from now. However, tennis megastar Serena Williams says in so many words that she is just not interested. In an interview with […]

This past week the city of Cincinnati lost a true legend and of a piece of it’s sports history. Sam Wyche, the legendary head coach of the Bengals who lead them to Super Bowl XXIII where they faced the San Francisco 49ers but lost 20-16. Wyche is also famous for his speech at a home […]