2014 Lollapalooza Weekend At Underground - Day 2

Source: Daniel Boczarski / Getty

If it’s one thing that Nelly is not, it’s a push over, quite simply Nelly is really not the type of guy to let someone push him around. However, like everybody else Nelly still enjoys hanging out with friends and family or just doing some of the things that he enjoys in peace. Recently, Nelly was spotted at a casino in Connectiut playing with the high rollers, but according to sources Nelly got into a verbal battle with someone at this table. Sources say that Nelly basically called out another player for not knowing how to play and that’s when the other player  told Nelly to “get under my nuts”.

Well, we don’t have to tell you that it didn’t go well, because Nelly went off!!! Click here for the full story and watch the video below to see how Nelly responded.


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