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My social life may not be flourishing during quarantine, but my hair sure is. The extra time at home has allowed me to really pay attention to haircare regimen. It also gives me a chance to try different products to see which will give me my desired results.

Marsha B Design Essentials Natural

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

I got my hands on goodies from the Design Essentials collection for natural hair. The brand was so gracious to gift me with the Almond and Avocado Shampoo ($11.99, www.Ulta.com), Leave-In Conditioner ($12.99, www.Ulta.com), Deep Conditioner ($14.99, www.Ulta.com), Overnight Recovery Treatment ($14.99, www.DesignEssentials.com), Daily Curl Revitalizer ($12.99, www.Ulta.com), and Honey Curl Custard ($16.99, www.Ulta.com). My hair was happy!

I washed my hair with the Almond and Avocado Shampoo and deep conditioned with the Wash Day Deep Moisture Masque. I let that sit for about 20 minutes before I washed it out. I moisturized with a little hair oil followed by the leave-in conditioner.

Because my hair has different textures mixed in, my curls are fluffy in some parts and flat in others. Usually when I air-dry my hair, the front has volume while the back lacks definition. I decided to attempt a partial wash and go, to see how my hair would react to being half twisted and half air dried. I sectioned off my hair and applied the custard thoroughly. I let it sit for about twenty minutes, and then I twisted my hair from the front to the middle of my head. I let the back air dry which allowed me to achieve a level of volume that I would have never had with a twist out.

Marsha B Design Essentials Natural

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

First of all, I think I found a new method for achieving a twist out that caters to both textures in my hair. Not only were my twist out curls poppin’, the air-dried portion retained it’s curl, allowing it to match the pattern of the rest of my hair. Second of all, my curls were full of life! There was lots of shine, body, and volume.

I was able to go 4 days strong with these curls by occasionally re-twisting the front and using the Daily Curl revitalizer in the back.

Marsha B

Source: LinnTVProductions / LinnTVProductions

Out of all the products used, the custard is my favorite. I loved the way it held my curls together and provided longevity. My second favorite is the shampoo. The collection has a healthy emphasis on detangling so the shampoo feels more like a conditioner. My third favorite is the deep conditioner. It smells really good and left my hair feeling rejuvenated. I’m hella happy I got to try these products because I found a nice alternative to my Ecostyler gel and deep conditioner. Always good to have options.

You can purchase the Design Essentials Collection for natural hair on the Ulta Beauty, Walgreens, Sally Beauty, and Target websites.


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TRIED IT! Design Essentials For Natural Hair Is Just What My Hair Needed  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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