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Memphitz is lashing out against the legal system and bashing Black women after losing his recent legal battle.

Memphitz is looking like a sore loser right about now.

The producer simply cannot believe that a judge sided with K.Michelle, Mona Scott Young and Viacom in his case against them. In his mind, there’s no way he should have lost the $65 million suit–even though he reportedly copped to some of the awful claims against him. The Atlanta Journal-Constituton reports that Memphitz admitted to fighting with K.Michelle, misappropriating funds from her Jive Records deal to buy jewelry and even threatening her son in depositions dating back to 2009.

In a string of statements he published on social media, he swears that he never owned up to any of those actions. He has since scrubbed some of the posts from his Instagram, but nabbed some passages from hs online tantrum before he deleted some of the messages.

Seeming to blame Black women indirectly for his loss, Memphitz allegedly wrote:

For the record, I NEVER ADMITTED to ANYTHING regarding this case because I DIDN’T DO one thing I was accused of. I called the police, I filed the four-year lawsuit. Never met the judge. But I guess I look the part right?? We a sad people. When it’s your son, brother, nephew or father being lied on, take it like a man. You eem to be cool with it.

See ya when it’s your turn. Not looking for your approval or pity. Just letting to whom it may concern know that….I know how u won [evil emoji] & Instagram comments ain’t gon save none of ya. See ya around [sunglasses emoji]

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Of the posts Memphitz left up (or forgot posting on Twitter), he very clearly pegged Black women as agents in the destruction of Black men.

Memphitz tried to clean up his statements by saying that only certain Black women are to blame for the divide in the Black community. He wrote, “Lol. Not ALL BLACK WOMEN. Just the ones that are evil. [sunglasses emoji]. Gimme kisses.” And apparently, he believed that someone was bribed to bring him down specifically in court.

He wasn’t done there. Because he posted a shot at K.Michelle this morning, referencing statements the singer made in earlier testimony where she claims to have lost the text messages where Memphitz allegedly threatened her son’s life.

It really is a shame when grown men forget how to act like mature adults. None of this is helping Memphitz image in the public eye. Hopefully he can locate some of his chill.


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