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Actress and producer Marsai Martin is sprinkling her Black girl magic throughout the atmosphere yet again. The Blackish star is gearing up for the release of her latest animation film Spirit Untamed, where she plays an adventurous horseback rider named Pru Granger. The movie is centered around a determined girl who follows in her late mother’s footsteps of horseback riding. She falls in love with a wild horse who mirrors her nonconformist ways and meets fellow acquaintances (one being Marsai’s character) who also share her bold characteristics.

Marsai and I had an opportunity to converse about her upcoming film, her best life advice, and her love for fashion. For the interview, the vibrant teenager appeared on the computer screen decked out in an asymmetric shoulder ensemble, purple eyeshadow, and blue square-shaped eyeglasses; both accompanied by a dimpled smile.

Being that Marsai has courageously accomplished so much in her 16 years on this planet, I felt that it was fitting for her to portray her latest audacious character Pru Granger. Marsai agreed. “Now I wouldn’t be on a horse at Rickety Bridge, that’s a little dangerous. But I would say that I am bold and adventurous in my own way. That’s the reason why I love Pru so much. She’s such a leader, and she’s so goal-driven.” Pru and Marsai share some similarities. Like Pru, Marsai has taken charge of her destiny. She has been brazenly gracing the big screen with her sass and genius aptitude since a young child. She plays the precocious young girl who is a pro at throwing major shade on the popular sitcom Blackish, and in 2019 she produced (and starred in) the film “Little” which made her the youngest person to ever produce a movie. Therefore, if there is anyone who knows a thing or two about being bold – it is Marsai.

Spirit Untamed is an animation film, but do not make the mistake of assuming it is just for kids. Major gems were dropped in this flick, and I soaked them all up. When asked what key points she wanted the audience to take away from this film, Marsai responded with saying that she wanted people to be encouraged to speak up for themselves. “Don’t be afraid to fight for what you think is right. Go for your dreams. It doesn’t matter what age you are, just go for it. That’s what I’ve always stood for, and to be a part of a project with an amazing message for young girls and for all people is pretty amazing.”

Marsai is advanced in many ways, and she has her parents to thank for her acumen. Marsai says she has received the best life advice from her father. “My dad told me one time that ‘The hardest thing that’s going to hit you in life is life.’ I resonate with that so much because life is just life. God put us in this world to understand the challenges we go through, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle. So keep going and keep moving forward.”

Before Marsai and I virtually parted ways, I had to know what her favorite fashion getup was. Her aura lit up as she confessed that sweatpants played a key factor in her go-to look. “ I love sweats. Comfort is the best part of fashion. I love 3D types of looks as well. It really depends on my mood honestly.”

I predict that Marsai’s brilliance coupled with her fearless attitude will continue to carry her far in life. Her future is bright, and her spirit is even brighter. Continue to shine, Marsai.

You can catch Spirit Untamed in theaters on June 4th.


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