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The recent crash of a vehicle with a streetcar has many concerned about safety. Review these rules for your own protection.

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Driver Safety:

  • You can drive on the streetcar tracks, but some streetcar tracks change lanes, so don’t follow the tracks.
  • Streetcars can not stop quickly or maneuver out of the way of vehicles and pedestrians, so give them lots of space.
  • Based on special signals, the streetcar may move at different times than other traffic.
  • Watch for streetcars before turning.
  • Park your entire vehicle within the white lines, including mirrors.
  • Look before opening your door.
  • Never block the track area.
  • Do not drive in lanes marked “transit only.”

Pedestrian Safety:

  • Do not cross in front of a moving streetcar.
  • Step over tracks and walk things with wheels over tracks at an angle to avoid getting the wheels stuck.
  • Don’t jaywalk.
  • Look and listen when near streetcar tracks.