It looks like lawmakers are going to vote today at 1 pm on relaxed gun laws rules for schools, licensing. This would allow teachers to carry guns on the school campus. What are your thoughts on this should teachers be allowed to carry guns on the school campus? House Bill 99 Allows teachers to carry guns […]

Colerain High School has implemented new football capacity rules. Via Fox19 The new capacity requirements and mask changes are laid out on the athletic department page of Colerain High School’s website. All Sporting Events Guidelines: Masks are required to attend indoor events. They remain optional at outdoor events. Spectators are asked to monitor for symptoms prior to […]

Looks like the Big Ten has changed the rules so now The Ohio State Buckeyes can play for a conference title. Via FOX19 The Buckeyes (5-0) would not have reached the six-game requirement to play for the conference title with this Saturday’s game against Michigan canceled because of positive COVID-19 cases within the Wolverines’ program. […]

The recent crash of a vehicle with a streetcar has many concerned about safety. Review these rules for your own protection. CLICK HERE for more on this story. Driver Safety: You can drive on the streetcar tracks, but some streetcar tracks change lanes, so don’t follow the tracks. Streetcars can not stop quickly or maneuver […]

There are certain times in life when silence is recommended, and even required. These times would include a funeral, a library and maybe the random trip to God’s house. Conversely, there are also times when one should be a chatty-Kathy – these would include cocktail parties, gab sessions with your girlfriends, and a rowdy night […]