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LAPD Investigates Accident in Highland Park

Source: Al Seib / Getty

A Florida police chief, Robert Musco, tried to evade legal repercussions after making racially insensitive remarks to a black officer, Kimberly Robinson.

In a conversation between Robinson, Musco, Assistant Chief Derek Asdot, and two others, Musco continually referred to Robinson as a “token” since she was the only black officer on the force. Musco made the remarks while they were discussing staffing for a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day event.

After the conversation, Robinson posted about it on Facebook. When a city employee saw Robinson’s post, they shared it with a human resources director who shared it with city manager Danielle Judd. An investigation by a labor law firm soon followed. During this period, Musco tried multiple times to enlist Asdot as his ally, asking him to convince Robinson to drop her claim. He even warned Asdot that he would not be named the next chief if Musco was fired.

Eventually, the law firm found that Musco violated city policy by subjecting Kimberly Robinson to workplace harassment. He violated policy a second time when he tried to pressure Asdot, Robinson’s superior, to convince her to drop the complaint. Instead of possibly facing removal by command, Musco resigned quietly last Thursday. In his resignation letter he stated, “I am proud of my accomplishments, and leave the [department] much better able to address community needs today, than when I first arrived.”

Musco’s statement lacks credibility considering his prior actions. Currently, Asdot is in charge of daily operations until an interim chief is appointed.

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