The Coronavirus has now killed more than 810 people and 37,000 cases topping numbers from the SARS outbreak of 2002. SARS had an estimated 8,100 cases with 774 deaths. The health care system in Wuhan has been overwhelmed by new patients and diagnoses of the potentially deadly Coronavirus that surfaced in December 2019. Wuhan […]

This horrific video out of China demonstrates the danger of Phone Distraction. We have become a society that depends on Cell Phones for almost every aspect of our life. Constantly peering into our screens, clicking, swiping and posting. This distracting behavior is responsible for many vehicle accidents and as can be seen in this video, […]

  A 14lb Lobster was caught off the coast of Bermuda. The recent Hurricane activity is blamed for washing this Monster near shore. Anybody got some Hot Butter and Lemon Juice?. The Lobster was returned to the sea after being captured and NOT eaten. CLICK HERE to see the story by Fox 19

Beheadings have been posted on the Internet and Mosul residents are hoarding food as the Islamic State rulers dodge American Drones. The City which is ruled by ISIS, was attacked early Monday morning with a barrage of artillery. The recent loss of control of Oil Fields has caused an economic crisis in the area to compound […]

Scathing video by Robert DeNiro is going Viral!

Hurricane Matthew is just another problem on top of many for the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. This is the worst disaster for the country since the devastating earthquake in 2010. CLICK HERE for more Aid is needed immediately for this country. Food, first-aid supplies, blankets, flashlights, tents. But the most needed item right […]

Bastille Day celebration turns deadly Thursday when a man driving a truck carrying explosives drove into a crowd, killing 77, and leaving carnage nearly a mile-long. CLICK HERE for more

The Watt-a-Box is offered with a 5-in-1 Meal at KFC in India. Now you can eat and add bars at the same time! CLICK HERE for story.  

  Sadiq Khan defeated Boris Johnson becoming the first Muslim Mayor of a major Western capital. CLICK HERE for story

Several explosions have hit Brussels’ International Airport and metro area, in Belgium, early this morning. Reuters reports that after a suicide bomber set off an attack, inside the airport, another explosion happened at a train station. Up to 23 people have been reported dead. No arrests or suspects have been identified. Wisconsin Upsets Xavier with […]