Bill Clinton

Moira Smith, a lawyer from Alaska, said that she was groped by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during a Truman Foundation dinner 17 years ago.

Roland Martin and an expert panel of guests dissect the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Democrats fear that Black Floridians may stay home on Election Day. Clinton's campaign plans to dispatch three heavy hitters to rally the Black vote across the state.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now were on hand to chronicle the historic moment, and spoke with a number of dignitaries, as well as celebrities, who came from all over the country to experience the venue directly after the dedication ceremony ended.

The group of women endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. There was a lot of buzz around last night’s Democratic National Convention, with high-profile names like former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder slated for speeches. But one of the most powerful and somber moments of the night came from a core group of nine Black women — […]

If history has a way of repeating itself, the Tuesday Night Flashback just might give us a glimpse into the future. Each Tuesday we like to take you down memory lane and tonight the year is 1992. A lot happened in 92′ that shaped our culture as we know it today. Before there was video […]

Is the former President an asset or a liability to his wife’s campaign?   A day after Former President Bill Clinton took on Black Lives Matter supporters in the most disappointing and condescending way, he apologized for trying it, well sort of. According to CNN, On Friday, Clinton, who is apparently still allowed to stump […]

What’s up with Bill? At a recent rally on the campaign trail for presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton he went toe to toe with protestors. The Former President went there… Sharing how he really feels about the Black Lives Matter movement. Should Hillary kick him off the campaign trail? See video below and share your thoughts. Your […]

Monica Lewinsky is back in the headlines and there’s no scandal behind it. Monica took part in the highly-anticipated TED Talk yesterday, where she discussed how the…

Leaving the White House doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely done trying to make the world a better place, if you ask Bill Clinton. The former…