Camille Cosby

Camille Cosby has stood by her husband side in the course 56 year of marriage. She has finally broke her silence about her husband being behind bars for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand back in 2004. Ms. Cosby spoke to ABC news anchor Linsey Davis about the death of her son, racism […]

Wait! What? Camille Cosby has been called to testify in a deposition against her husband, Bill Cosby and all of a sudden she get amnesia. She doesn’t remember any details of the alleged assault against the first seven women who accused the infamous actor of sexual misconduct? According to reports she became agitated several times […]

Camille continues to stand by Bill issuing a statement supporting the actor-comedian as he continues to fight the lawsuits and accusations brought on against him…

Bill Cosby admitted to shamelessly using money, power and drugs to pursue women for his numerous affairs in court documents that have just been released. This just keeps getting worse. In a 2005 deposition obtained by The New York Times, Cosby detailed how he met a number of different women before getting intimate with them. […]

Camille Cosby is said to have told some sources that she's going to fix this whole mess.