civil rights

Civil rights leaders met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss their concerns about the DOJ's direction.

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy who caught heat Tuesday for depicting U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as Ruby Bridges -- the African-American girl in Norman Rockwell's southern school desegregation painting "The Problem We All Live With" -- explained his controversial decision Wednesday.

A civil rights committee and two law firms filed a lawsuit Monday seeking more voting rights for Black residents, who attorneys said are "prevented from electing candidates who represent their needs" in rural areas.

He says Rep. Lewis should “spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the suburb of Eastpointe, Michigan alleging that the city has kept Black residents from having an equal opportunity to elect city council members of their choice.

Federal officials conclude that closing and reducing services in driver license's centers in Alabama violates civil rights, reaching an agreement Wednesday with the state law enforcement agency to ensure "that all Alabama residents have access to driver licensing programs, regardless of race, color or national origin."

Civil rights leaders including Andrew Young, C.T. Vivian and Xernona Clayton talked with several University of Alabama and University of Washington football players about continuing the fight for progress and overcoming racial divides during a discussion at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday night.

The new legislation will allow civil rights cold cases that happened prior to 1970 to be reopened.

Today is National Rosa Parks Day. Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1, 1955, after she refused to give  her bus seat  to a white passenger.  She refused to give up her seat because she was Black, which was the law in Montgomery then.  She was jailed and paid a fine but she sparked a movement that battled […]

What is the path going forward in an America led by one of the most polarizing President-elects in modern-day history?

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A poll conducted by Monmouth University showed that more Blacks are concerned with access to economic opportunity than civil rights.