Should kids be subject to corporal punishment? Principal puts a paddle to a child in Covington, Georgia and sparks outrage. As a parent the outcome would not have been as civil. Yet this child’s mother was present and she did absolutely nothing. Click here to find out why? Disturbing video below.  Your Thoughts? Jade West “Always […]

Remember the last time you got a whoopin from your parents? Remember when you wanted to run or at least come up with a good enough excuse in order to get out of getting your butt beat? Watch as this little boy reach out to GOD to save his behind. Video below.   Your Thoughts? […]

What would you do if you received a call from your kid’s school alerting you that they have been arrested? One mother got this very call from her daughter’s elementary school and rushed to her aid. Meanwhile her child had been placed in handcuff’s by a security officer. His explanation was “to teach her a lesson” […]

A Cincinnati rap group is being accused of serving as a front for drug dealers and violent crimes. Cincinnati Police and federal agents announced, Monday, the arrests of the members of Focus Discipline Dedication, or F.D.D., after a raid on their West End headquarters. The six men are facing a host of charges, including aggravated […]

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Just the other day while on a walk with Liam, I heard a woman not too far from us scream “N***a, you must got me…

So a recent study shows that the average African american family prefers to discipline their children by spankings… Are we you surprised…? CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY