Draymond Green proved this weekend that he isn’t just talented on the court— he may have a career in comedy. During an impromptu roast session, the NBA star was landing all the shots he took at Drake and teammates Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. The Hollywood hot guys hung out on Saturday night to celebrate […]

“In this world, quick ain’t quick enough. Once it’s out, it’s out.”   It seems like Draymond Green can’t stay out of trouble these days. Or perhaps hitting players in the crotch has finally come back to haunt the Golden State Warriors player. Over the weekend, Draymond accidentally sent a picture of his penis to all of his Snapchat followers. At […]

Steph Curry's muscle Draymond Green was arrested for assault on Sunday. Police revealed Green was arrested at an East Lansing, Michigan, restaurant and the victim was a man.

Steph Curry's wife was rolling her eyes, because she instantly took to Twitter to defend her man's teammate

Draymond Green let’s a reporter have it! During a postgame press conference a thirsty reporter came at Green attempting to get a controversial statement regarding the Houston floods and the team’s performance. He’s already been warned and thought he’d try one last time to get a response. Well, the Golden State Warriors, Power Forward laid […]