Tank has caused the internet to go nuts. He said if a man goes down on a man twice that he is not gay. What are your thoughts on this? Via LoveBScott The singer participated in a conversation on Angela Yee‘s ‘Lip Service’ where he cited a man performing oral sex on another man not once, […]

The question of Bert and Ernie’s sexuality has made the headlines once again. This time Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman brought up the issue, saying the puppets are, in fact, gay. Saltzman tells the LGBTQ blog Queerty the characters are a couple and their relationship was a reflection of his partnership with film editor Arnold Glassman. Saltzman, who joined the show in 1984, […]

The Port Authority Police in New York City seem to be creating (or recreating) ways to criminalize gay men and now they’re being called out with a lawsuit. According to New York Daily News, the Port Authority Police Department is being sued for allegedly targeting gay men for bogus lewdness charges. According to the lawsuit filed […]

Amar’e Stoudemire has some explaining to do after making homophobic comments during an interview. The former New York Knick star told Israeli media that he’d refuse to be in the same locker room with a gay teammate, saying, “I’m going to shower across the street, make sure my change of clothes are around the corner and […]

Considering how different the political and pop-culture climate was for Black LGBT Americans twenty years ago, Queen Latifah's statement reflects a lot of truth.

For millennia, there have been studies trying to determine the "cause" of homosexuality, especially regarding Black men.

Fox News reports that the Brazilian mom confessed to stabbing her teenage son to death because she couldn’t accept that he was gay.

LGBTQ rights activists are angered that after the Orlando shooting – where 49 people were murdered and over 50 were injured – bisexual and gay men are being turned away from donor lines at a crucial time of need.

This story gets more delicious every time I hear it. Can you imagine Wendy Williams in a fight? Can you imagine her picking up a mop and trying to swing on someone? Well, it happened. Veteran Radio Personality, Angie Martinez recalls a time when both she and Wendy worked at Hot97. According to her new […]

Peter takes the crew, sans Kenya and her rent-a-boo (who opted out), to meet his family in Kingston. On the bus ride to Kingston, Cynthia wanted to know who told Kenya about her “not best friends with Kenya” comment. It was messy Sheree, of course. They talked about it and the general consensus on the […]

A Fresh Perspective On The LGBT Debate From The Mormon Church. CLICK HERE for story.

As expected, 50 Cent took Vivica Fox’s “booty snatcher” bait and responded on Instagram, claimed the Independence Day  must have thought he was gay because…