Congratulations to Dewayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on buying the XFL team for $15 million. That’s a major move to own your own XFL team. via Variety: The presence of Johnson, meantime, continues pro wrestling’s involvement in the spring football league, which was founded—and funded—by WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon. The XFL filed for bankruptcy […]

Kim K  took to her IG to tell the world know she has hired Alice Marie Johnson. The ladie she helped get out of jail. The 64-year-old grandmother is serving as one of the many faces of Kim’s new SKIMS (formerly Kimono) shapewear line. (LoveBScott)

Alice Marie Johnson walked out of an Alabama prison last night, just hours after receiving word that Kim Kardashian had convinced President Trump to commute her life sentence. Kim broke the news to Johnson yesterday in a phone call, and just hours later, the 63-year-old was captured on video running to her waiting family outside the prison. Some members of the press […]

It seems like every other day there’s an new woman coming out claiming Bill Cosby drugged her and today’s new accusation backs that up. Beverly Johnson, As I readied myself to be the best drunk I could be, he offered me a cappuccino from the espresso machine. I told him I didn’t drink coffee that […]

Former Cincinnati Bengal Chad OchoCinco might have to find a second job after receiving a lien on his Florida mansion for which he owes over $8,000. Doesn’t seem like a lot does is…? I didn’t think so either but the Long Lake Ranches West Homeowner’s Association says if he doesn’t pay up interest will continue to […]

Is he smart or is he just digging a deeper grave for himself..? After Donald Sterling chose to visit a predominately African American church in South L.A. this Sunday, sitting through the entire 2 hour long service, while managing to piss of a couple of regulars….. You’re guess is as good as mine. I guess […]

In another episode of, “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her”, Evelyn Lozada might have to put in for a second job  to help her new fiance and baby’s daddy pay off the first chick he knocked up. Where’s the TROJAN MAAAAAN when you need him smdh lol….. READ FULL TORY HERE

Adam Silver is our new hero!! Since Sterling’s side chick outted him over the weekend by-way of recorded telephone conversation, where he spewed blatant racist comments towards blacks, hispanics, and “minorities” in general,  the nation has been waiting patiently for the NBA’s judgement. Well people all I have to say is justice has been served! […]

Former L.A. Laker “The Magic Man” Magic Johnson popped up in New York City to sit down with the Breakfast Club to talk about a plethora of this and that. Check out the below video!