A man was pulled over in Mt. Healthy police found nearly 5 pounds of weed. That’s a lot mary jane to be riding around with. Via: Fox19 Mt. Healthy police said Raymond Otis was pulled over last week in the 7200 block of Hamilton Avenue for expired plates. During the investigation, the officer found the […]

Cincinnati could be next in changing the policies when it comes to drug testing when getting a job. How would you feel if they changed this law? Would it make it easier to get a job? Via: WKRC The city of Cincinnati’s hiring policies surrounding marijuana may soon look very different. Some councilmembers are working […]

Should you be allowed to have a certain amount of Marijuana? That’s the question the people want to know. The great weed debate took place yesterday inside city hall. Council members went back and forth about it for about an hour before deciding to hold off on a vote. Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman has brought […]

Cincinnati could vote today to decriminalze Marijuana. Chief Eliot Isaac said he had some concerns about the idea, “I am very sensitive… to how laws sometimes disproportionately affect different communities,” Isaac said in committee. “But a half pound concerns me. I’m not comfortable with any of it, but … I will enforce it.” (FOX19) Fasho […]

This is such a touching story to me. A woman left Ohio to Colorado so that her daughter was able to use medical Marijuana to her with her ill ness. Leisure, who considers her daughter a medical miracle, said cannabis deserves all the credit. Dykes spoke to Leisure this week via FaceTime from her new […]

If you thought that you were about to have legal Marijuana in Ohio think again! Because Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected a petition Thursday proposing legalizing marijuana in the state of Ohio to anyone 21 years and older. Here’s the reasons it was rejected via (FOX19) The summary language giving the General Assembly authority to regulate “marijuana commerce” […]

Phoenix Police took things to a new level by pressuring 19-year-old Edgar Castro with marijuana consumption. Edgar says the officers gave him a choice of eating the marijuana he was caught with or going to jail.” The incident occurred back in September and the officers in question, Officers Richard Pina, Jason McFadden and Michael Carnicle, have […]

CNN) – Some key limes in Texas were a little more than what they looked like. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection found nearly 4,000 pounds of marijuana camouflaged in a shipment of key limes. The smuggled drugs were discovered in a tractor trailer coming into the U.S. from Mexico on Jan. 30. Officers used […]

Facing 24 years, she's probably missing her old job right about now.

The actress, best known as Aunt Dee from the '90s hit show Moesha, is more 4/20 friendly than we thought.

Governor John Kasich signs bill to make Medical Marijuana Legal in Ohio starting in September. Smoking Weed will NOT be legal but AIDS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic pain, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy or other seizure disorder, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, spinal cord conditions, Tourette’s syndrome, traumatic […]

Can smelling like weed get you kicked out of school? The answer is ummm, YES!!! Jakayla’s mother, Tameka Johnson, couldn’t believe it. “I said not my child. You have the wrong child, because I know my child,” she told KSNT-TV. A 15yr old was apparently singled out after someone said they smelled that sticky icky in […]