You could call this Ohio burglar a sharp undressed man — since a homeowner discovered him in her bed, naked from the waist down and fondling an axe. The victim walked into her bedroom on Friday morning and found a pantless Robert McClain snoozing in her sheets, holding his tool in left hand and the axe […]

Did you know that 100.3 Old School Cincy’s own Fredd E. Redd has some ties to some Black History Makers himself?  Well we’ll let Fredd tell you himself. Check out Fredd E. Redd’s #MyBlackHistory story and many more during Black History Month

As Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition, but making a recovery, new dirt is being dug up by the second on the truck driver at fauklt for the crash, Kevin Roper. All it took was a little back tracking for media outlets to find old tweets from Roper saying things like “Trying to win […]