Michael Jackson’s Daughter Declares War On TMZ Paris Jackson beat TMZ to a headline, and fans are loving it. The daughter of the “King of Pop” is often asked about her father, and recently, TMZ wanted to know her thoughts on Offset’s Jackson tattoo. She shared a video on Instagram on December 5 about her […]

Some music is timeless and will live on forever including “Ignition (Remix)”  which came out 15 years ago. R. Kelly tweeted a video of  Michael Jackson’s children Prince and Paris riding around Lip syncing his 2002 hit. Pretty dope huh. Ms. Ebony J Wynn “The Host That Does The Most” Check me out  Sunday 3-7pm, Friday […]

Paris Jackson isn't here for anyone who has something to say about her recent Rolling Stone interview.

Paris Jackson – my dad was murdered and there were a lot of people who wanted him dead. Paris is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone and said all signs point to murder – She said it was a setup. Without saying it, she insinuates Dr. Conrad Murray was a patsy for someone who wanted […]

The 18-year-old took to Instagram to share a picture of herself posing next to her friend in a matching look.

Katherine Jackson has a new plan to bring in some extra cash and it involves a documentary about her late son with his three kids…

Randy Jackson the youngest son in the Jackson Clan has taken to Twitter to express that he is unhappy with his niece, (Michael Jackson’s daughter)…