Disney released the trailer “The Little Mermaids” starring Halle Bailey some people are happy others are mad. Trailer announced Halle Bailey will star as Ariel. The trailer created a trend on social media. Parent are showing  sharing their children’s reactions to watching the trailer for their first time. “She’s Black.” “She’s brown like me.” I […]

Cincinnatians will be cheesing the month of July. Skyline Chili is adding 50 percent more cheese to their 3-ways, 4-ways and 5-ways until July 30. Ms. Ebony J Wynn “The Host That Does The Most” Check me out  Sunday 3-7pm, Friday 7pm-9pm & Monday – Friday 3am-6am on RnB Cincy  Follow me on Twitter/ Instagram/ SnapChat: […]

I wish I could tell you, your life will be perfect and everything you want to happen will come to light easily but I can’t. It won’t. Nothing in your life will be easy. You will experience a great deal of hardships to bring every goal you have to life. You will have bad days, […]

President-elect Donald Trump is preparing for his  big move to the white house. Facebook is talking,churches are talking, an the media is still talking. #RealTalkwMsEbonyJ:  Trump’s campaign made the entire world take notice. Which is most likely why he has been selected as TIME’s 2016 Person of the Year. What are your thoughts? Ms. Ebony […]