Kim K spills the tea about Kanye West walking off the set during her Saturday night live Monologue. During a new episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” the reality star claimed her ex got up and left after she joked about their divorce and referred to him as “a rapper.” “He walked out on ‘SNL’ like […]

Leslie Jones can’t seem to get a break. Last year, led by now disgraced “writer” Milo Yiannopoulos, the Saturday Night Live player was viciously harassed online with users comparing her to Harambe the gorilla and sending her porn. These days, she’s facing a backlash after making a joke about white people who claim to support […]

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There have been countless spoofs and parodies of the Trump administration in the last few months, but no one is doing a better job of it than the comedic pros at Saturday Night Live. Whether it’s Alec Baldwin as Trump himself, Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway or the newly unveiled Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, […]


Dylann Roof asked a federal judge if his former defense team could represent him for his murder trial.


A petition has been created to highlight Thomas' contributions in the museum.

Oh, Donald. You just can’t let Saturday Night Live get under your skin like this! Anybody presidential enough to take a seat in the Oval Office should also be able to let any SNL digs wash right over them instead of bothering their fragile ego. But not Donald, nope. He is angry on this beautiful […]

Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam both played great Donald Trumps, but now Alec Baldwin has been given The Donald’s hairpiece (not his actual hairpiece) to place firmly on his head for the premiere of Saturday Night Live‘s 42nd season. Hammond was great, but it’s clear the show made the right choice. The sketch started with […]

Longtime Saturday Night Live favorites Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam will not be returning for the show’s 42nd season this fall. The news of the cast shakeup was first reported by TVLine, and subsequently confirmed by several other outlets. While no reason was given for the change, Killam confirmed in a recent interview with Uproxx […]

With all of the hilarious Saturday Night Live skits that Drake has done, there are surprisingly a few more locked away in the NBC vault.

It became apparent why Drake shaved his beard last week, after a successful appearance on Saturday Night Live.

If you were busy celebrating Mother’s Day over last weekend, you might have missed Alicia Keys appearance in the special ‘Mother’s Day Episode’ on Saturday Night Live. Mrs. Beatz, aka wife of producer extraordinaire Swizz Beatz, has a new album slated to be released later this year. This will be her sixth studio album and […]

Hallelujah, one of the songs performed by Alicia Keys during Saturday Night Live. With a standing piano, band, back ground singers, and a DJ she belted out a new sound. See video’s below. If you like what you hear, a new album is scheduled to drop this summer. “Hallelujah” “In Common” Your Thoughts? Jade West […]