The Bengals needed some cap space so they released veteran CB Trae Waynes in order to save at leave 10.8 million in cap space. What are your thoughts on this? Via Fox19 Waynes, who signed a three-year, $42 million deal in 2020, started only four regular-season games for Cincinnati in his two seasons with the […]

Kerry Washing spilled the tea that save the last dance changed her life.   Via LoveBScott “OH EM GEE!!!!! Save the Last Dance turns 20 years old today ?????!” she wrote in the caption. “Playing Chenille changed my life.” “I read that script and I felt like I KNEW her,” the actress continued. “At the time, I also knew the […]

Cincinnati did you know that there are ways to save on your energy bill in 2021? Via Fox19 The obvious ones include sealing drafty areas around windows and doors. Another place to start is to check out your furnace. “Look to make sure that it is not dirty and it is free of debris. To […]