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Toni Braxton Reveals She Was Told To Hide Her Lupus To Save Career
Toni Braxton revealed on the “SHE MD” podcast that she was advised to conceal her lupus diagnosis due to fear that people would be scared of sick celebrities.
Braxton, who initially hid her autoimmune disease, shared her struggles with obtaining work and insurance after going public with her condition in 2010.
She went approximately 10 years without an official lupus diagnosis, experiencing symptoms following the birth of her sons.

Braxton emphasized the importance of discussing mental health and the impact of chronic anxiety on her well-being. “No one wanted to put me on a stage, she added. ‘Well, suppose she collapsed on stage, and the insurance, how are we going to do that?’ And so I couldn’t, at first I did not [work],” said Braxton.
  • What is something that you hid from people that you wish you would’ve revealed earlier?