Draymond Green proved this weekend that he isn’t just talented on the court— he may have a career in comedy. During an impromptu roast session, the NBA star was landing all the shots he took at Drake and teammates Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. The Hollywood hot guys hung out on Saturday night to celebrate […]

The nominees for Global Grind's 2016 Social Media Awards are in.

Dozens of Xavier University students staged a protest, on campus Wednesday, in response to some student’s racially insensitive social media posts. 100 students, lined up along the sidewalks of campus, stood in silence while holding up pictures of people in culturally-appropriated costumes. Some of those pictures included those wearing blackface. Xavier President Mike Graham has […]

The Kardashian-Jenner women love cooking for their men.

It's been a month since the social-media scene was shaken up with the release of Instagram Stories.


Serena Williams is a one-of-a-kind lady in more ways than one.

The Popular Social Media site is being sued because of a special “Speed” filter that posts how fast you are going while taking a video. The couple injured says teen in other car was driving 107mph trying to post online at the same time. CLICK HERE for story.

A NYU student appeared in court on Monday to face charges for setting an acquaintance on fire over the summer. CBS New York reports that the intoxicated 19-year-old victim fell asleep in 20-year-old Jaime Castano‘s dorm room on Aug. 23. When she awoke the next morning, she noticed burn marks on the bed, comforter, and her body. […]