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Mary J. Blige Reflects on Her Legacy: Empowering Women in Music
Mary J. Blige’s soulful music has touched hearts, healed wounds, and empowered the voiceless.
Blige discussed her path since her 1994 breakout in an enlightening Entertainment Tonight interview, underscoring how her honesty about her problems and achievements has inspired female artists across genres.
“It is not only about the music; it is about the message,” Blige said. She prides herself on opening many opportunities for women in the industry to empower each other.

Considering her career, Blige sees her influence in the waves of female musicians that today rule the music industry, willing to speak their truth.
The Netflix docuseries ‘Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop’ showcases Blige as a genre-defining figure. Her one-night-only Apple Music performance will focus on her career and her legacy of promoting women in music.
Mary J. Blige’s tale is about music’s ability to heal, empower, and inspire, not just her success. While reflecting on her career, she realizes that her legacy is not the records she has sold or the awards she has won
but the lives she has impacted and the trails she has paved for women in music.
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