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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame In Cleveland To Host ‘Beyoncé Fan Day’ On March 29
“Beyoncé Fan Day” is scheduled for Friday, March 29, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
On the same day as the release of her new album “Act II: Cowboy Carter,” Beyoncé will organize an event where fans can honor her and learn about the musicians who
have inspired and affected her music over the years.
This is what attendees may anticipate from the event: Beyoncé’s playlist, which includes both old and new album tracks, is playing nonstop. Highlights of unique artifacts

from Beyoncé’s career, such as her ensemble from the music video for “Run The World (Girls)” and items from people who have inspired her music, can be found at the
Foster Theater Photo Op at the Long Live Rock Letters.
Not only that, but Francesca Royster, the 2023 Ralph J. Gleason award winner, will discuss her book “Black Country Music: Listening for Revolutions,” which centers on
Black performers in the country music genre. With a reservation, Royster’s event is free.
  • What are your thoughts on Beyonce’s phrase, “This ain’t a country album, it’s a Beyoncé album?”