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Cardi B Details Embarrassing Encounter With Rihanna, Paris Hilton

Cardi B shared an embarrassing moment from a recent Hollywood party where she met Rihanna and Paris Hilton, realizing later that she had something black in her teeth the whole time.

The rapper recounted the awkward encounter during a livestream, highlighting her nervousness while chatting with the celebrities.

She recalled, “I’m talking to Paris Hilton. I’m talking to Rihanna and everything. I’m smiling because, you know, when I smile like, I get nervous.”

“I’m all up in Paris Hilton’s face and everything because we’re sitting like right across, like right next to each other,” she recounted before confessing, “You know when I f****** went home, you know what I noticed? That I have something black right here.”

Pointing at her teeth, she exclaimed, “I noticed I had something black in my f****** teeth the whole f****** time.”

  • What has been your most embarrassing moment?