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Formally known as Victoria, Precious Lee is taking no prisoners when it comes getting her shine as a woman who’s learned to embrace her identity. For years, she struggled with accepting and knowing who she really was, despite her success as a model. It wasn’t until she made certain changes in her life that she was able to go to new heights.


Claim to fame: What started out as showing support for a friend who was interested in fashion turned out to be modeling contract for Precious when they went to inquire about agencies. Precious was signed by Elite Models immediately.

Instagram: @preciousleexoxo

Precious, who is Clark Atlanta University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Media Arts, struggled with happiness in the early part of her modeling career. Her agent at the time convinced her that her name, Precious, wouldn’t be suitable for her career and that she should go with “Victoria” instead. Precious went along with it, thinking it was the right thing to do.

It wasn’t until she decided to take a stand that things started to sky rocket for her career. Precious changed agencies in 2015, changing her career. The first thing she told them was she desired to use her original name instead of the one that was given to her. Before she knew it, she was onboard for one of Lane Bryant’s biggest campaigns and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Not only was everyone accepting of her identity, they embraced her looks as well, shooting her with her natural hair cut instead of adding hair thinking it would be more appealing.

Taking a stand is one decision Precious is far from regretting. She emphasizes that it’s okay to say no if you’re not 100% comfortable with what people are offering, a stance which is crucial in an industry such as fashion. “I was so grateful to see that my saying “no” ultimately opened so many more doors for me. I think Precious is a better model than Victoria ever was.”


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