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Kim Kardashian Clears Up Rumors About Herself on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ — and Reveals Many Are True
Kim Kardashian revealed some interesting facts about herself during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, including sleeping with her eyes slightly open, washing her feet every night before bed, and celebrating her 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch.
She confirmed that she could change a tire, had her own workout DVD called “Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday,” and debunked the rumor that she has six toes.

Kardashian also shared that she dislikes the sound of cardboard and has specific preferences for warmth when putting on jewelry.
This isn’t the first time she has addressed online rumors, as she previously debunked claims in a video for Elle, including a request in her will for her hair, nails, and makeup to be done if she cannot communicate.
  • What rumors or misconceptions about yourself do you want to clear up?
  • Which celebrity rumors do you believe?