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*Known to some as the ruthless villain on the popular television show “Apprentice,” Omarosa O. Manigault has entered the LAUSD special election and is running for office.

This new title will certainly turn heads.

“Unfortunately, the only African American woman had a heart-attack and died. It’s a quick election; I’ve only been in the election for a month, but I’m hoping for everyone’s support” stated the savvy and strong businesswoman.

Our associate, LaCora Stephens spoke with Omarosa about her love for the kids and she responded:

“I’m in it for the kids and to fight the good fight.”

From our experience of watching the famous reality star we know that she has the skills to make a difference.  She is a highly intelligent, strategic woman with credentials to back her. To donate, volunteer or be a part of her campaign, visit

With all due respect, LaCora mentioned the passing of her ex, Michael Clarke Duncan, and questioned if there are any romantic prospects.  Ms. Manigault didn’t mention any names, but said, “I’m taking it slowly.”


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