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We need Black folks on both sides of the aisle — Democrat and Republican. However, being a Republican in the age of Trump is a whole other level of Republician-ism. Our current POTUS has sympathized with neo-Nazis, disrespected gold star families of color, thought Frederick Douglas was still alive, known for language like “That’s my African-American over there!” and is advocating for policy that will damage Black and brown communities. Nonetheless, there are Black Republicans who will defend  him at any cost. Here are the ones who mortified us in 2017.

Pastor Darrell Scott

Pastor Scott is ride-or-die for Trump and is known to scream on television at anyone who disagrees that Trump is presidential perfection. Here is just one disturbing moment from one of his many television rants. He is actually defending Trump defending Nazis. Fix it, Jesus!

Joy Villa

The singer is a passionate Trump supporter who is constantly on Fox News defending his madness. However, the tide has changed a bit. Now that she accused his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of sexually assaulting her, Fox News is dragging her. Nonetheless, we can’t forget this classic sunken moment, when Villa wore a “Make America Great Again” dress to this year’s Grammys.

Dr. Ben Carson

Social media lovingly calls him Uncle Ben. Mr. Carson loves him some Trump and his loyalty got him the bizarre position of the decretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Yep, this is the title for a former neurosurgeon. There are so many sunken moments to choose from for Ben, but this moment, which shows Carson thanking God for Trump after the despicable tax bill was passed, is disgustingly unforgettable.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is an NFL legend. He is a 10-time Associated Press All-Pro and one of the few players in history to play in a Pro Bowl in three different decades. However, he is tainting his legacy by being Trump’s BFF and slamming NFL players who knelled during the National Anthem. Yet, when he knelled, he claimed, “I wasn’t protesting, I was praising God,” which was when Shannon Sharpe destroyed  him on ESPN. Watch Ray’s sunken response below.

Jim Brown

If Ray Lewis is an NFL legend, Jim Brown is an NFL icon. In 2002, Sporting News named him the greatest football player of all time and now he appears to have been swallowed by the sunken place. The 81-year-old shocked  us all by defending Trump to anyone who would listen, especially when he voted for Hillary Clinton. He believes Trump can magically give the Black community jobs, which is ludicrous — he can’t even hire a Black person for the White House senior staff, unless it’s Omarosa. Watch Jim Brown defend his king below:

Paris Dennard

A few times a week you can catch Paris Dennard getting dragged all over CNN. It’s as if his brain  has been lobotomized of all logic because Paris is convinced 45 is the messiah for the Black community. One of his best suken moments of the year was when Keith Boykin said he was “ashamed” that Paris as a Black man would defend Trump sympathizing with Nazis. The madness starts at the five-minute mark.

Omarosa Manigault

The reality star turned Trump’s side-kick is the arguably the ruler of the sunken place. She called for America to “bow down” to Trump, she attacked April Ryan and had a complete breakdown at the National Association for Black Journalists conference. Watch Omarosa in the widely parodied clip below, bawling because she lost her Black friends over supporting Trump.

Oh — and honorable mention to Stacey Dash, who was the queen of the sunken place in 2016, but vanished from television when Fox News fired her.

We’ll be in a new year in a few days, maybe some of these folks can escape the sunken place in 2018. We’ll get the prayer warriors out for all of you!


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