Beyonce & Rihanna Cover Vogue’s Special Met Gala Issue

With all the hoopla surrounding the aftermath of the Met Gala, it was only befitting that Rihanna and Beyonce (who were best dressed, in our opinion) cover Vogue’s Special Edition Met Gala issue:


“When we fell upon the photo of Rihanna AND Beyoncé, we thought, ‘Bingo,’ ” Chloe Malle, Vogue’s editor said. The editrix reminisced on the night, recalling when she saw Jay Z sitting by himself at the Givenchy table. “And at one point, everyone was standing up and chitchatting to one another, and Jay Z was sitting alone, just eating his chicken. It was awesome.”

Hmm…was Jay Z alone because he had already pissed off his wife and her sister? Secrets we’ll probably never know!

In other Vogue news, Kimye’s cover is projected to be Vogues highest selling issue that is on target to sell 500,000 copies. We’ll see how that plays out when Bey and Ri hit stands!

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