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Jamie and the Wedding

7/14/14 Day 68

July blog post!  


You know what they say… (or “Pin”)


And it’s true!!!  I’m on week 8-9 of Dr. G’s Weightloss Program and for the first time in a really long time I’m getting such a positive response to my noticeably trimmer physique and energy level from my co-workers, family and friends – they even say I have a glow.  Which is super nice because before I get to work I have serious struggles finding clothes that fit, nice problem to have sure…but extremely frustrating too! 🙂


Dr. G’s Medical Weightloss in Newport has gotten me out of my preverbal “Fat Suit”  you know the feeling – like when you’ve put on a little too much comfort weight and run all of your errands in yoga pants and sneak fro-yo with extra toppings because we believe it’s “healthy”.  Sigh* Deep down you know that’s not who you are and you can do better, but let’s face it life happens.  For me it was years of living on the road as a District Marketing Manager overseeing 3 states, sometimes my only meal option (or so I thought) was a hwy fast food joint and even when I went for the Diet Coke and grilled chicken option I still munched away on the fries and later felt the guilt and would promise myself to do better next meal or workout at the hotel.  Again, I would make unfavorable decisions like meeting friends out for beers, catching a ball game in a stadium I’ve never visited (which came with hotdogs, peanuts and cracker jacks…) or worse firing up my Food Network Mobile APP to see where Adam Richman might have done his Man vs Food challenge – oh yeah true story and I’ve visited several with Slow’s BBQ in Detroit at the top of the “Old Jamie’s” list.

Although those were good times I used the traveling excuse far too much.  I even used it in my 1st consultation with the Dr. G’s Weightloss Coach.  Kathleen couldn’t have been more encouraging in helping me take that excuse and turn it into ACTION!  My personalized plan of Dr. G’s prescribed medication, multi-vitamins and supplements in addition to my exercise plan of hi-impact cardio w/ Jazzercise and core strength w/Hot Yoga and most importantly the customized meal plan has me feeling like I have control of my life again! (Plus, I’m sort of addicted to the Peanut Butter Dream Protein bars so I’m sure to incorporate this daily in my breakfast routine!) .  I don’t feel slugish and unmotivated or crave the high sugar foods I used to.  I love the life changes I’ve made and I can’t imagine looking back even after the 12 week program is over.  This has truly been instilled in me and if I feel that I need a little help staying on track Dr. G’s has a maintenance plan to help get over any humps I might face out on my own..


Now for the RESULTS 🙂 

8-9 weeks down

I’ve lost 30lbs ——> 9.5 inches off my waist ——-> 5 inches off of my hips —–> BMI is down 11.1

ps… this is the first time in YEARS i’ve worn a 2 piece bikini!   Mexico Wedding here I come baby!!!  3 1/2 Months to go…….

For more information contact Kathleen @ 859-415-4915 / 90A Carothers Rd. Newport, KY 41071 / http://www.drgsweightloss.com/kentucky/newport/ :endorsement

BEFORE 5/31/14                   (Week 8) 7/13/14                     BEFORE  5/2/14                              (Week 7) 7/7/14       4th of JULY!

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6/13 / Day 37 on Dr. G’s

June Blog Post!

As of today I’m down 21lbs/7 inches off my waist / 41/2 inches off of my hips.  Pretty shocking for someone who’s tried every diet and excerise plan in the book.  Seriously, I’ve been struggling for very long time with the extra pounds…let’s see,  I have spent countless hours in the gym, even committed myself to HOT SPINNING – ugh a 90deg heated spinning rooms where I basically just dehydrated myself reliously for 3 days a week and never saw lasting results and  I’m guilty of throwing away a lot of dough on gimmicks and 24hrs diet plans.  Where did all of this lead me?  Nowhere expect frustrated and back on the couch with a tub of defeated Ben & Jerry’s or a bottle of self-pity red wine.

SO admittedly, this week I became a little bit of a “Selfie” queen… I {know} most people find selfie’s annoying or narcissistic but I really liked what I was seeing in the mirrror.  I earned it, right?   I was surprised by the response I was getting via my social media handles!  Everyone’s feedback was extremely supportive yet inquisitive.   For the most part my friends and family have seen me teeter-totter physically and emotionally for most of my life, I think that’s partly the reason for all of the positive feedback and questions on how I’ve accomplished this in a little over a month into the Dr. G’s Medical WeightLoss Program.   My girlfirend’s were IMing me about Dr. G’s on Facebook, Users I didn’t even personally know were sending my private messages on twitter about where they could learn more and I had a ton of comments from strangers on Instagram rooting for me!

My wedding dress is definitely going to need alterations!  4 1/2 months until “I DO” in Mexico!

Dr. G’s has such a different approach since it’s a Doctor supervised / FDA Approved Program. It’s truly about the lifestyle change not a quick fix. It’s simple really, I’ve changed my diet to a high protein, low sugar regimen, exercise regularly and follow the mediciation prescribed by Dr. Ugwu in the Newport office!

For more information contact Kathleen @ 859-415-4915 / 90A Carothers Rd. Newport, KY 41071 / http://www.drgsweightloss.com/kentucky/newport/ :endorsement

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5/21 Hello my name is Jamie – I’m the Integrated Marketing Manager here @ Old School and I’m getting married!   After 33yrs of planning my dream wedding in my head and via Pinterest my dream guy decided to finally put a ring on it! The anxiety of being the “perfect bride” started to set in. Especially since we decided to get married on a beach in Mexico… no pressure right?   After the celebrations, toasts and basking in the post-engagement afterglow I knew it was time to get serious about my health especially after I went for my first wedding dress fitting.

It was a really long hard winter, difficult to motivate myself to go to the gym, Jazzercise or Yoga which are hobbies I absolutely love to partake in.   I made every excuse in the book; too tired, too swamped at work, I’m traveling too much on the job I have no time to commit… etc.   Those excuses turned into extra pounds which I blamed on the cold hard winter.

After doing a ton of research on what types of fitness and wellness solutions I found Dr. G’s Medical Weightloss in Newport, Ky. My feelings of anxiety and winter-weight guilt subsided almost immediately as I walked through the door. I was greeted by a team of Wellness Coaches in the very posh offices in the Newport Pavilion.   Then I met with Dr. Ugwu for a full medical exam, blood panel, Slim Image Scan & EKG. He had me start a 5 day cleanse which I loved! It was really easy, the solution tasted like lemonade. During that time I started to lower my sugar and processed food intake. What a difference 5 days made! I lost 3lbs and gained a ton of confidence in Dr. G’s Medical Weightloss!

After the cleanse, I was given vitamins and medication essential to suppressing my cravings for not so healthy foods and a dedicated meal plan for my personalized weight loss program! Everyday new healthy recipes are sent to my email and in 1 click on the GTrack I can be on my way to healthy eating and accountability for what I put into my body.

I went back this past Friday for a B12 shot and to get my curves re-measured after the first week officially on Dr. G’s program and I lost 2inches from my waist and 8% body fat loss from the BMI test!   I knew I was feeling great and looking good (ironically enough I was hit on by a gentleman earlier that morning at Starbucks)…but wow! Real results!   Not only for me but for my fiancé as he’s starting to pick up my good eating habits as well!

I know the only person who’s going to make this program successful and it’s me!

I’ll be making updates on my progress in this blog, sharing recipes, fitness tips, victories and struggles as I go through the 3 month Dr. G’s Medical Weightloss Program!

For more information contact Kathleen @ 859-415-4915 / 90A Carothers Rd. Newport, KY 41071 / http://www.drgsweightloss.com/kentucky/newport/


5/9/14 the start of the Dr. G’s Program


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