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Dapper Dan is getting his own biopic. Yes, you read that right.

The fashionisto has been a name we’ve all known and loved for years, many crediting him for some of the most prolific immersions of fashion and hip-hop to have been seen. But now, the Harlem-based tailor’s about to hit the big screen with Sony adapting Dapper Dan’s forthcoming memoir into a biopic. Comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael is adapting the memoir, which is being released next year. And of course, the biopic is taking place right where it all started—in Harlem where Dapper Dan built his fashion career in the ‘80s.

Dan told Fashionista, ““I got interested in fashion because I was always denied new clothes, so it was a passion of mine to dress up one day. That’s why I can’t do the sneaker thing, because I was forced to wear sneakers. I said, ‘When I grow up, I wanna wear suits and ties.’”

The importance of celebrating Dan comes at a time where he is finally receiving the roses he has honestly deserved for YEARS. He’s recently secured his own campaigns, curated capsule collections, and even now has his own appointment-only atelier with Gucci.

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You may remember the Gucci fiasco that brought Dapper Dan into the main limelight—after seeing one of his previous designs come down Gucci’s runway, many within the industry called for the high-fashion brand to pay respect to the man whose ideas they had stolen. However, very few expected the outcome of the situation to happen as it did: Gucci actually announced that they would partner with Dapper Dan on a future capsule collection, feature him in an ad campaign and work with him on re-opening his Harlem atelier he had closed in the’90s. Of course, Dapper Dan has taken it all with grace and obviously style, forever proving that good things will always come to those who unapologetically do the work.

He explained that success is always staying ahead, no matter how others think you should do something. “Fashion today is driven by technology. What kept me ahead of everybody was my constant pursuit of the latest technology. Your palette to create fashion lies in technology […]If you embrace that, I think you’ll be successful. But if you ignore that, I don’t see you going too far. Technology is the key.”

We can’t wait to see the biopic and celebrate this man who has done so much for Black designers, Black culture, but also reshaped and influenced the fashion industry in an undeniable way.


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