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Another dangerous challenge is popping off causing some people to wonder…”is there something in the air?”

At one point, there was the condom challenge and now another dare is causing outrage.

The “deodorant challenge” involves someone spraying aerosol deodorant directly on the skin to test their endurance.

Apparently, prolonged exposure to the substance can get so extreme, it causes second degree burns…

…And kids are up for the challenge.


In one instance, a mother, Jamie, told Somerset Live that her daughter Ellie met a classmate at a park when they told her to extend her arm.  “She had no idea of the consequences and hadn’t even heard of The Deodorant Challenge before that point,” Jamie said.

They sprayed Ellie’s arm so bad that she now has medical procedures once a week.

Though the deodorant challenge hasn’t gone full-on viral, many parents from the U.K. have expressed their concern. Medical journals have also warned about the improper use of the aerosol deodorants. According to the University of Utah’s health blog, spraying the aerosol on skin can cause up to third-degree burns, however, using it as directed in instructions won’t cause any harm.

But knowing the kids these days and how reckless they can be with their health, a spray-a-thon is sure to get started in many circles.


Until the next bizarre challenge.

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