It’s not often that we get to see Beyonce’s twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, so we relish every chance we get to sneak a peek at the celebri-tots.

We first saw the little ones in the photo shoot with their mom last summer. Now, nearly a year later, we’re treated to a new set of vacation pictures. One snapshot shows the twins sitting on her lap while enjoying time off from the On the Run 2 tour in Europe. In the picture, Sir looks more like his pops, with a mean mug on his face, while Rumi is in a more fun mood, giggling while being held by mama. (People)

In another pic that surfaced, we saw Jay and Rumi looking off the side of a yacht at the ocean, in matching yellow outfits.

Fasho Thoughts:

  • If you go to the On the Run 2 tour, keep your eyes peeled for another rare baby pic of the twins from when Bey and Jay renewed their vows.
  • We’ve also seen plenty of pics of Blue Ivy living life, bringing drinks into the pool, meditating and soaking up sun on the boat’s deck.
  • Jay and Bey have done a great job of giving their children privacy while still letting us get some peeks into their lives now and again.
  • It’s about balancing celebrity with privacy.
  • The Carter kids are bound to be stars. It’s in their pedigree.
  • If we saw pics of how the Carter family spends their downtime more often, we might just get really, really jealous.
  • It’s all about working hard and playing hard.
  • Wow, they’re already walking? It seems like just yesterday the twins were born.
  • Cardi B recently took time off tour so she can recover from giving birth and spend more time with Kulture.
  • The Carter family’s European vacation looks like it went a lot smoother than the one in that movie.
Don Juan Fasho

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