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Dear Tom,

My Christmas Wish is for my mom, Sandra Charleston.  In 2014 although she had several, health issues, she lost her disability and now she must work two jobs just to try to make ends meet.  My mom is such a sweet women and her talent in embroidery really shines through when she sews and designs for several churches.  This also has become a way for her to earn a little extra income.

It is my Christmas Wish to ask for your help to get my mom a professional, computerized embroidery machine with a thread stabilizer, so she can continue to create beautiful embroidery designs for her church members.  This also will assist her to expand her home-grown business into a substantial way to earn an income and better support herself.   Recently, she was forced to turn down two large sewing contracts because she didn’t own her own embroidery machine.  With the New Year just about here, I know this will give her so much hope for her future.  I wish I could give her the sewing machine myself, but I am in the National Guard part-time and I haven’t been able to find a full-time position as of yet.  I know this will mean the world to her.

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