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Delrico Oliver

Source: Hamilton County Sherif / Hamilton County Sherif

Cincinnati:  Saturday, February 27th a call was made to the Springdale Police Department for a domestic dispute at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park located at 11745 Commons Drive.

The officer who responded to the call, who remains unnamed, was wearing a bodycam and captured the entire altercation.   The Springdale Police department released the video on its Facebook page.  In the video, you will see the office approaching Delrico Oliver in an attempt to investigate the situation.  After several minutes of exchange Oliver, lies on camera to the officer about his identity and gives a fake social security number.

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While the officer is waiting on his back up and trying to keep Oliver calm and detained, Oliver asks to leave and use the restroom.  The officer denies him but Oliver leaves the area where he has been asked to stay and enters the restroom attempting to lock himself in the stall.  The officer follows Oliver while giving him commands.  This lead to the altercation of Oliver getting tased.  During the altercation, Oliver appeared to pass out only to be non-compliant with the police after regaining consciousness.

An outcry from the public came after video from the altercation filmed by witness was posted on Facebook prompting The Springdale Police Chief Thomas S. Wells to post the body cam video on social media.

As Chief of Police, I felt the need to respond to the misleading accounts I have seen today. I am presenting the facts of what occurred at Sky Zone in Springdale on February 26, 2021. I will not stand silent while our officers are being verbally abused, assaulted or injured by criminal suspects nor have them be derided through social media. Delrico Oliver was a wanted felon and was allegedly acting in a threatening manner that gave his female companion enough concern to call the police. Based on his actions, it is clear that she and our officers had reason to be concerned. I am proud of our officers and the bravery they display day in and day out and showing this interaction in its entirety is the best way to assure transparency and maintain the public trust that we have earned through our honorable work. Be assured, all uses of force are investigated and Mr. Oliver is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The officers will not be identified until after the use of force review. There is redaction in the video of uninvolved peoples’ faces, social security information and Mr. Oliver during the point he was having what appeared to be a possible medical issue. Officers were informed after the arrest that Mr. Oliver had a pre-existing medical condition.
At 5:50 pm Springdale units responded to the Sky Zone at 11745 Commons Dr. for a domestic dispute. The female party who felt threatened, entered the ladies restroom to call police. At about 5:51 pm the first unit arrived on scene and observed the victim and a male suspect both coming out of the women’s restroom. The female instantly hid behind the first officer on scene saying: “Get him, get him”. The officer immediately detained Oliver between the men’s and women’s restroom. The officer spoke to Oliver for several minutes while he awaited a backup officer. The officer remained calm and kept trying to diffuse Mr. Oliver’s suspicious behavior. The officer repeatedly explained to Mr. Oliver the reason he was being detained. It was clear to the officer that Oliver’s behavior was of concern. The officer did not know at that time that Mr. Oliver was wanted on two felony warrants, one of which was Escape. During the interaction, at 17:57:55 Oliver states, “My name is Rob” and states he is Robert Humphries Jr. several times, even misspelling it. He also provided false SSN information. During the entire contact the officer explains to Oliver that he is being detained until another unit arrives to help sort out the complaint. Abruptly, Mr. Oliver enters the men’s restroom at 17:59:11 on his own, contrary to inaccurate social media reports. He shuts the stall door on the officer. After Oliver is inside the stall, our officer backs off and awaits additional assisting officers. With concern over the fact that he can no longer see the suspect and is now in clear danger based on Oliver’s actions, the officer requests units to respond more quickly.
At that moment, an additional officer arrives and he is aware of Oliver’s felony warrants and in conjunction with the fact that the first officer is requesting emergency help, he orders the male to get on the ground at 18:00:50. The male asks, “Get on the ground for what?” and the officer tells Oliver that he has warrants. The officers try to arrest him and at that point Oliver dives to the ground. As can be heard, the officers repeatedly asked Mr. Oliver to submit to the arrest. At 18:01:13 the officer warns Mr. Oliver that he is going to be Tased. The officer warns him a second and third time that he is going to be Tased as he tells Oliver to give him his arms. A drive stun Taser deployment is performed for two seconds. The suspect is repeatedly told to stop struggling. After almost three minutes of resistance from the suspect, the officers are able to secure both of his arms and the force ceases. The officers roll him over to a seated position. The officers report over the radio that they have the male in custody and they request a life squad. The officers then try to reassure Mr. Oliver but they continue to have to restrain him from kicking them and to prevent him from striking his own head on the ground. As they care for him and await the life squad, the officers confer over the fact that Oliver provided false information. At 18:09:34 life squad personnel arrive on the scene.
Mr. Oliver was wanted for felony Probation Violation and a felony Escape warrant. He was first transported to a hospital to receive medical care. After being cleared by the hospital, Mr. Oliver was charged by Springdale Police with Domestic Violence and Resisting Arrest and he was transported to the Hamilton County Justice Center.
In the past week alone, Springdale officers have had to struggle with resistive suspects, be crashed into by a suspected drunk driver and have guns discharged by suspects during calls in which officers were present. This behavior is inexcusable and is being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I want the message to be loud and clear; it will not be tolerated.
Chief Thomas S. Wells
City of Springdale Police



The officers called for medical attention and eventually arresting Oliver for domestic violence and resisting arrest.  Oliver’s bond was set for twenty-thousand dollars and is to appear in court on March 12th.


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