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Dr. Trevor Thomas

Source: Carlos Samayoa / Carlos Samayoa

One of the most notable Cardi B. lyrics from her breakout song “Bodak Yellow” is “Got a bag to fix my teeth.” Celebrities and people, alike, imagine the day their smiles become transformed. Fans may joke about Gucci Mane and other entertainers noticeable pearly, white veneers, but the world has never seen a brighter and more confident smile. Dr. Trevor Thomas is the celebrity and community cosmetic dentist behind transforming some of the brightest smiles in Hollywood. 

The Howard University graduate, recent father and incredibly gifted cosmetic dentist is changing lives one cosmetic dental procedure at a time. Dr. Trevor Thomas credits Apple Watts for entrusting him with her full-mouth rehabilitation. Thomas has since contributed to the smiles of countless celebrities like Offset, Chief Keef, Lala Milan and many more.

We had the opportunity to spotlight his phenomenal work in the entertainment industry and his community of Corona, California, just an hour outside of Los Angeles, where he established his practice. Read the Q&A below.

Why cosmetic dentistry?

I was interested in a career that involved working with children and families where I could grow with them. As dentists, we often get to see our patients a couple times per year. We get to watch families grow; and we can become invested in their lives. Also, I love having the ability to influence the before and after of patients. There is nothing like a patient walking into our offices with years of neglect, low self-esteem and hopelessness stemming from a less than ideal smile and walking out with a new outlook on life. I am energized from making something that was once thought impossible, possible. Continuing, traditionally the layman, especially minorities, are not properly educated on the mouth-body connection. I want to instill in those I encounter how our oral health influences our overall health and the scientifically proven links between what’s going on inside our mouths to some of the most common illnesses we face. 

Dr. Trevor

Source: Carlos Samayoa / Carlos Samayoa

You have a following of over 112k. How have you been able to grow your online presence? Why is branding important for your business?

Social media helps me reach the public and offer transparency surrounding this thing called dentistry. I want it to be a tool to educate folks on the mouth-body connection and the importance of healthcare… and also to empower them to take those first fearful steps towards a better smile. 

I love the new content you’ve been producing where you showcase some of your clients stories while highlighting the transformative work you’re doing for them. Why is storytelling significant in your process?

These are my patients… and these are their stories.  My goal: for you all to understand why I love this profession and maybe encourage someone to take that step towards a happier, healthier smile. Bad teeth aren’t always a result of neglect. Medical conditions, economic status, education, environmental factors, and a plethora of things can affect our smile. I want folks to relate to my patients and normalize dental care. 

How does it make you feel to see people’s confidence after experiencing a Dr. Trev transformation?

I truly believe I’m fulfilling my God-given purpose. It’s fuel to keep going, because there are many more frowns that I need to turn upside down! 

It seems like work consumes a lot of your time. You’re also a recent dad. How have you been able to balance your personal life and professional career?

I’ve also struggled with the concept of work/life balance. I have tendencies toward workaholism as many of us do. It has been vital to my success to focus on understanding how this can impact personal relationships and be more mindful of maintaining a healthy balance. My son has definitely been a huge catalyst in my efforts to achieve better balance. In other words, I’m working on it!

I was able to experience a dental cleaning with your office a few months back and the experience was beautiful from the moment I walked in. How are you impacting your community at large in the work that you do and even in the people you’ve chosen to employ? What makes the experience different at your dental office?

I find it essential to set a tone in my office where you’re coming to see friends, while getting dentistry done. I want my patients excited when they come in. It makes it much easier to foster this type of environment when your staff is as diverse as your patient pool. You can teach a three-year-old dentistry, but everyone cannot be taught the art of people. 

You’ve done cosmetic work on quite a few celebrities over the years from Offset, who’s a consistent client of yours, rapper Chief Keef, and social media influencer and actress Lala Milan. How have you been able to tap into the entertainment network?

It honestly took a lot of throwing myself out there and hoping my work would speak for itself. Kind of like the modern day version of passing out my mixtapes. I’d spend hours every single night sending DMs, and I still do. I give credit to my sis, Apple Watts, for giving me a chance and being the first known face to trust me with a full mouth rehab. The results were amazing. Seeing her transition opened countless doors for me in the entertainment arena.

What advice do you have for young people who aspire to build a name, brand and business in the field of cosmetic dentistry?

I want to create a legacy of dentists truly devoted to happier and healthier patients. I want to leave this earth knowing that I am leaving behind a legacy characterized by smiling mouths and hearts. It would be amazing to own multiple practices with a reputation for putting patients over production and families over finances.

Simply put, I want to instill in students that when you treat every patient as you’d treat your mother, you can always sleep at night. Never lose sight of your purpose and calling. Change lives for the better and yours will be changed in the same manner. In sum, God blesses those who bless others.

You’re located about an hour outside of Los Angeles in Corona and people travel from near and far to see you. Why’d you decide to practice there?

Celebrities are influencers; with that, working with them has definitely been a blessing to my business. Generally speaking, quality care is associated with working with notable figures. I would say a little 30% of my patients are from branding and referrals and the other 70% from my local community. Working in the Corona area gives everyone fair access to me. I am in a diverse community situated about an hour from all major airports and the Los Angeles area. 

What’s next for your business?

Expansion is multiple ways… stay tuned. Surprises are coming!

Be on the lookout for what is to come with Dr. Trevor Thomas and his dental practice. Follow Dr. Thomas on Instagram to keep up with his transformative dental work.


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