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*Kanye West brought up the Barneys racism mess during a concert Friday in Las Vegas.

Two African Americans have accused the store of racial profiling after they were detained by cops after making expensive purchases at their New York City store.

The scandal has put pressure on rapper Jay Z to pull his curated fashion line from the store ahead of its release next month, and his friend West shared his opinion during his Yeezus Tour stop in Sin City.

“That’s that broke n**ga racism,” he told the crowd. “Don’t touch anything in the store. Excuse me that’s that, ‘can I help you sir?’ That’s that racial profiling out in front of Barneys and s**t. Talking about, ‘Did you steal that?’ And it’s that rich n**ga racism, that’s come in… come in please buy more, please buy more… I know you just got some money and can’t wait to spend it n**ga.”

Jay Z has released a statement revealing he is waiting for the full facts on the incident before making a decision regarding the future of his Barneys collection.

Below, Barneys rant begins in first video at 3:28.



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