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Comedian Lil Duval has sent the internet into a heated frenzy again. This time, the star had a few social media users bothered by a comment he made on body image.

“How are ya’ll big and out of shape in yo 20’s?” the “Living My Best Life” hitmaker asked in a since-deleted Tweet. “Yo metabolism ain’t even slow down yet.”

Naturally, the comment elicited many mixed reactions from folks online, and most of the replies weren’t so sweet.

“How you a midget & a twig in yo 50s,” one Instagram user commented in response to Hollywood Unlocked’s screen grab of the Twitter post while making fun of the B-list actor’s short stature.

While another person replied:

“Everyone’s metabolic rate is different as well as their genetics. Ignorant comment, but I expect nothing less from who just says things for attention.”

Now, just in case you were wondering Duval, a person’s metabolic rate can drop due to many factors like diet, lack of exercise, or medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, which is a common condition where the thyroid doesn’t create and release enough thyroid hormones into your bloodstream, causing metabolism to slow down.

For women, metabolism can naturally drop by “one to two percent per decade,” according to Women’s Health. Some ladies hit a metabolic peak in their mid to late 20s when weight becomes a bit harder to fall off. That could be due to genetics. Pregnancy can also play a factor, but thankfully, weight gain and healthy metabolism can be managed with a good diet and by living an active lifestyle.

Well, Lil Duval knew he messed up after hitting send on the eyebrow-raising Tweet. After backlash ensued, the jokester took to Hollywood Unlocked’s comment section and wrote: “I tried to delete this before ya”ll saw it cuz I knew ya”ll run with it… Oh well.”


Lil Duval, just let people live their best lives! We’re tired of all the jokes and social commentary on our bodies. Can we just eat, live, and be in peace!? Isn’t that what you preach in your music and content?

This isn’t the first time Duval has caught flack for commenting on metabolism. Back in July, the popular social media star hit send on this tweet that read:

“The only thing that can humble some women is they metabolism.”

A few users clapped back at the “Grow House” actor.

“This hurts bro.” While another person chimed in, “It’s that grown woman weight… leave them alone.”

On the other hand, some social media goers appeared to agree with the comedian.

We get it! Jokes are jokes…But it’s important to tread lightly with some of these questions, especially in today’s social climate where harmful ideas about body image can lead to dangerous implications for women and men struggling with self-image, depression, and confidence issues.



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